We are Tsukemono. In the spirit of inclusivity our menu caters to everyone from vegans to ethical omnivores. We believe that food should be fun, fresh and unapologetically tasty. While our main source of inspiration will always be Japanese cuisine we love exploring techniques, ingredients and flavours from all over the world.

Tsukemono means “pickled things”. A staple of Japanese cuisine, these bite-sized treats round out the flavour profile of any dish. In homage to this tradition, all of our food is served with a selection of pickles. In fact, even our logo is inspired by one of our most recognisable offerings: the pink pickled lotus root.

Tsukemono started as a street food stall in 2017 and we have been serving up our signature food at markets, weddings and festivals ever since. We’ve also been popping up in kitchens all over Bristol, winning the Foozie award for Best Pop-Up and establishing a legion of devoted fans.


We love food. And with this love comes care. Care for our ingredients and their sources, care for our production process and, naturally, care for our customers. Our aim is to keep our menu seasonal and our suppliers as local as possible. When it comes to sourcing, production and distribution, sustainability is our main goal.